PRO 3e Smart Gaming Glasses


PRO 3e provides a lightweight smart glass display for viewing PC, Mac, and Android mobile phone screens in glorious 1080p HD. Connect to your favorite device using the USB-C connection and experience the bright private 148″ screen on the go. At 68 grams the PRO 3e is the lightest smart glasses on the market and can fit nicely in your pocket. These are the perfect glasses for the gamer in your life. Level up your games and entertainment. Gaming – play your PC games larger than life or enjoy your games on the go from anywhere with your favorite cloud gaming platform. Compatible with Xbox Game Pass, Stadia, Luna, and GeForce Now Entertainment – Don’t let the wires of your home theater hold you back to a single room. Get in on the action with your portable theater screen that can be taken to any room in the house or on the road. Productivity – Your mobile office just got more mobile with access to these lightweight smart glasses. Not only can you work from anywhere your office just got more private.